Abigail Mather

Abby joined Insurance Consulting Services (ICS) in April 2016, bringing more than a decade of customer service and sales experience. Abby is responsible for streamlining the application and underwriting processes, making them as easy as possible for clients. She works with carrier underwriters to develop a clear picture of clients as individuals and ensure that client’s policies are issued quickly and at the lowest possible rate. She also helps clients directly with any questions they may have.

Prior to joining ICS, Abby worked for an independent health insurance agency and Bank of America in home loans and retail banking. She is a graduate of Carroll College in Helena, Montana with degrees in International Relations, Business Administration, and a minor in Spanish.

Abby lives in Portland with her husband John. She is captain of her dragon boat team, which competes locally, out-of-state, and, occasionally, internationally. Abby enjoys commuting around town on her scooter, running, hiking, and traveling to new places.