Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

Proper estate planning better supports the current and future financial possibilities for you and your family, allows you to transfer your wealth according to your wishes, and can help lessen/decrease unnecessary taxes and expenses.

We will commit to help you and your family identify your long-term personal financial goals and plan accordingly. In addition, we will help you structure your estate assets to minimize tax liabilities and maximize value to future generations. Our professional team will work with any other advisors you may have, such as an attorney or accountant, to develop and implement a plan of action. In order to offer a sound, workable plan, we will co-ordinate with your insurance contracts. Periodically, we will review your plan with you to assess our progress in accomplishing your long-term goals.

Ultimately, our goal is to assure that you and your family has taken prudent steps to cut your tax liabilities and to create the most effective means to help finance any future tax liabilities.

Charitable Planning

These charities often include family foundations managed by family members, where the family retains control over the gifted assets and access to income generated by these assets. Often, charitable planning provides a balance to estate and life insurance plans, while taking on personal meaning for you and your family. We offer creative solutions aimed to meet your personal and/or familial philanthropic goals without interrupting your family’s long-term financial possibilities.


An important part to any estate plan is gifting, which allows you to cut the size of your taxable estate by strategically transferring the wealth you have worked so hard to create for your family members. Gifting enables you to take advantage of the great tax advantages available when making lifetime gifts. Thoughtful use of these gifts through the use of planning vehicles such as trusts and life insurance can help maximize the value created for your heirs. We can help you figure out a gifting strategy that is consistent with your planning goals.